Blink Baby, Blink!

She was mighty scared.

She did not have a single clue about where she was.

It was such an alien place. There was a lot of noise. There were many voices: some hoarse, some screaming, some thick and that sweet one. It was a frenzied atmosphere around her.

A touch of cold air made her wet skin shiver, and she grew even more anxious.  With great courage, she decided to have a look around. She clinched her fists, and so slowly she opened her eyes.

It was all blur. There were clouds of green and nebulae of tungsten white. Slowly a tiara of ivory boxes unfurled from the light brown sky.

It startled her.

She blinked twice or thrice, and it became clearer.

The baby girl smiled with relief, when she finally saw the face of her mother for the first time.


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