India at Crossroads: A Panorama of the Nation in Turmoil

Societies evolve through a struggle of the extremes. Constant upheavals define the norm of the day. Such turmoil goes on, until it reaches its crescendo. At that tipping point, there are only two possibilities. Some societies lose their direction. Chaos ensues; they devolve, and perish. Some weather the storm. They mature, and flourish. It is a crossroads, at which one way leads to the nadir and another to a zenith.

India, today, is staring at such a crossroads. The society, which remained oblivious to a fundamental change for a thousand years, is going through one now.

The lines that separated people on the grounds of ethnicities, castes, sects, regions and languages are becoming blurrier. From a shadow play of sentiments to an archaic structure, religion is donning multiple masks.  These conflicting ideologies and identities have led to struggle that is both intrinsic and extrinsic. Some are trying desperately to hang on to them. Some are even more desperate to erase them.

Those, who want to persist with them, are still imprisoned by the trepidations and insecurities harboured by the bygone generations. They find solace in the status quo. Their quest is for sustenance and stability. Those, who want to desist, are the generation of post liberalized Indians. Their values are perhaps hazy and the path unclear. However, their intent is certain. They want a better standard of living and a safe society. Their quest is for growth and enrichment.

At such a time, it’s the system at the helm that is supposed to guide and facilitate the change. But here, that is one murky tale. Those, who are supposed to control and extinguish the fire, are instead fanning it. The government, which is supposed to guard the democracy, is dividing society into bits and pieces. Their ineptitude, when it comes to dealing with the common people is flabbergasting. The opposition lacks the comprehension of new generation, and it just cuts a sorry figure most of the times. The third pillar of the system, which is the media, is frivolous; and their frivolity duly adds to the frenzy.

It’s a maddeningly noisy crescendo of the India’s social evolution. It’s a crossroad that will define the new Indian civilisation. India is sitting on a cluster of volcanoes that are waiting to explode, and at the same time it is on the threshold of a new day.  It’s a culmination of a journey that has gone on for more than 5000 years.

It is truly a moment in time.

Hence this blog plans a series of loosely related essays on individual themes such politics, society, religion, new generation etcetera.


One thought on “India at Crossroads: A Panorama of the Nation in Turmoil”

  1. Great, simply great. . . . . . Desperately waiting further articles. . . . One sincere suggestion: Could you please provide vocabulary with your article for the less- privileged???? 🙂

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