He was sitting on the floor and was looking around blankly. There were hundreds of legs moving around him. There was frenzy in the atmosphere. It was natural, since he was in one of the biggest hospitals in Mumbai, a city of 15 million people.

Though he looked to be in trance, a gauntlet of thoughts was going on in that busy mind. Thousand colours were flying around and he was simply astonished to see them. There were few annoyances and few wonders. He just could not decide on what exactly he wants to do next. A question mark was apparent on his face.

However, suddenly train of his thoughts came to a halt as somebody pulled the chain.

“Farhaan, Farhaan…. Farhaaan, come here! Please come here Farhan!”She screamed at him. He looked up at her and smiled sheepishly. “Come Farhaan, you want to eat something?” He nodded and followed her. Farah took his hand and led him through the crazy crowd.

Farhaan in the meanwhile, pulled off all the antiques he could. He attracted many glares and equal number of smiles from his audience around. Farah, but unfazed, just held his hand tight and dragged him through the entire passage. As she reached at the end of it, she handed over him to an elderly lady sitting besides the door and grabbed a chunk of biscuits in return.

Farhaan was a four or five years old boy. He was a special child with a pacemaker fixed inside his heart. Farah, his sister, was a three years old girl, normal in every other way except for an abnormal sense of responsibility. She played around just like any other child, but never for once did she let Farhaan to get out of her sight.

This blog-post is neither any story nor any fiction. It is what I have seen just 24 hours ago, and it is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Those two children brought life to that morbid atmosphere. I just hope that someday it comes back to them, because for all his kindness, even god has no right to take a childhood away from a child and aliveness away from a life.


2 thoughts on “Farhaan”

  1. It is alway hard to see a small helpless child in such a circumstance Chinmay! It is even harder when we feel the futility of being unable to change their predicament for the better. The Natural tendency is to look for a reason Why?

    The impassioned plead to a Supreme Creator is a recourse we all will evoke a some time when faced with this result. Why, the eternal question, demands an answer from someone! When we feel powerless we look to a power greater than our own.

    God then becomes our source, Chinmay! Whether it be in prayer, frustration, despair or anger the Almighty is invoked! We just can not accept that situation as justified when we are told that our Creator loves us! But is it God who is to blame? The Creator
    knows all, sees all and is everywhere! It must be God’s fault then! Right?

    Wrong! The result is a child with a defect and we feel guilty because we are fine. we feel bad for all that child will miss out on! We feel bad because we have had those joys and experiences to look back on, Chinmay! But What of little Farhaan? What of his life and that of his family? How will they cope?

    I believe that they will find the strength to not only cope be learn and grow stronger from it, Chinmay! One day maybe little Farhaan may be cured of his weak heart! Perhaps he will remember and be able to help someone else who may be like himself.
    Maybe he will be part of a study that will develop a cure to help millions not get sick!

    That is speculation on my part Sir, but it could happened. There are wonders happening everyday and as it it said God works in mysterious ways! Farhaan will be fine as long as there are Chinmays who dare to care! Good read my friend! 😀

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