Joy of Small Moments

A morning breeze from the window welcomed me as I woke up after losing my duel with the ever beloved sleep. That breeze made me grin and bear my fate as the beautiful day lay ahead.

A small moment, in fact, rather insignificant one but it gave me some joy sans any inhibitions. It is then I realized that actually I sometimes fail to appreciate these small wonders of life.

I feel that it is not only big things that make our lives. It is not only surprises that make us rejoice. They are surely grand things, but they form a little part of the grand scheme. Hence, as we endlessly keep striving for the ultimate happiness, happiness keeps passing by at every tick of the clock.

Moments, or shall I say small moments are really easy to be forgotten. They do not offer anything spectacular that would be etched on our minds forever. As we blink, these moments become a memory.

However, a colour they add to our lives lingers around much longer. They are some free strokes from a painting brush of creator and their colour slowly spreads over the canvas. It remains there until another colour is added to the picture and a new shed is created. These moments fade like an evening hue.

Small moments seldom demand any sacrifices from us. Just as we reciprocate to a warm smile, just as we hold a child’s hand and comfort him, just as we appreciate bewitching beauty of earth, we refurbish our spirit without losing anything. We never realize, but we are selfless for those seconds. The delight of those moments is simply unconditional.

These moments have their own life of few mesmerizing minutes. We live them in their accord. Freedom is the only thing that can define them. As we experience them, a sense of freedom, a sense of serenity transcends the sense of time and shackles of obligations. Such is the magic of these moments.

Therefore, as I write this little piece, one more small wonder is added in my life. I hope you have added one too.


6 thoughts on “Joy of Small Moments”

  1. An appreciation for the little things is a sign of maturity and wisdom, Chinmay!

    With this piece my friend, You have exhibited both in a way that not only shines in the words used, but takes it that next step and shares with those who care to join you in the journey.These gifts of creation come in all shapes, colors, sounds and stages of growth.

    Thanks for sharing and passing the joy around for all to experience it as well! πŸ˜€

    1. Professor, I am extremely sorry for my lethargically late reply. Your nice words inspire me to write better every time i touch the key board. I will keep up my quest to understand things better as always. And when one has a guide like you, there is nor problem whatsoever πŸ™‚

  2. This was a very lovely piece Chinmay.
    They say that “good things come in small packages”. You have shown that in our daily lives, we need to only stop and look around and appreciate even the little things in life.
    It serves to remind us that sometimes in our hurry, we tend to miss and notice the bits of beauty around. Great read! ;)…

    1. Angel, I am really sorry for this despicable delay in reply to your comment. Your nice words and visit to this little place mean a lot, just like those small moments πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Chinmay !!

    Good blog this is! Very fine. The style, the tone, the choice of words, very remarkable. At least one word in each line was suggesting that your level of English is so high (Like a great batsman make you feel his quality at least once in the over he plays…). I recalled the book ‘Small is Beautiful’ by Schoemacher by reading your blog. You write from a very deep sense of comfort and enjoyment and make a very clean hit! Good, keep it up.

    1. Merci Bien my brother… Am really very happy that you liked it. And yeah, thanks for the lavish praise as well, but i have a verrryyy long way to go to ever justify your compliments. I will most certainly keep my blogging up, this is something i love to do πŸ˜€

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