As we dream, As we grow

Life without dreams is a difficult proposition to imagine. As far as we can go back, flashes of different dreams will run before our eyes.

A childhood fantasy, which widened those innocent eyes, was still a dream. A greedy desire that holds our conscience today is nothing but a dream.

It is fun to look back sometimes and just wonder how dreams change as we grow up.

Anything that catches our fancy as a child is the greatest thing on planet. We dream of becoming pilot, then of becoming a lorry driver and much more. Every day brings a new fascination and new little dream. Those colors are so momentary yet so beautiful. Those dreams are very secular. A butterfly will be our attraction today; tomorrow a worm will be the most amazing thing in life. There is no discrimination, no differentiation.

Just as we become aware of the world around, things become different. It does not take long to realize that a butterfly is for me and worm is for others. It does not really take long to narrow down on our fancies and fascinations.

Just as life becomes harder to live, dreams become a little bit ruthless with an attachment of returns enclosed with it.

I do not intend to demean our adulthood dreams, as they are source of what we might become. It is just that the way we dream changes. It makes me curious about this phenomenon.

I know daydreaming is nothing but a slightly foolish exercise. However, as a dreamy person who keeps dreaming ridiculous things all the time just few questions stand before me. Is it really that difficult to widen these two eyes once in a while and be fool a again? Is it that difficult to take break from all the realities and float in clouds once in a while?


9 thoughts on “As we dream, As we grow”

  1. Quite a thought provoking piece my friend!

    For me the only definition of my dream is something imaginary which either a smart person will accomplish or a non-realistic person will always desire but never achieve.

    However this post highlighted another aspect of it i.e. changes with age and that is pretty realistic man. Good work. 😉

  2. Thanks my friend. Glad you found it thought provoking.

    To me dream is something that speaks for your passion. I have never really used it as a judgement to gauge my life. It is just a good thing that motivates me.

    As for my approach in this post, it just came to me that yes, we dream differently as we grow up.

    Thanks once again 🙂

  3. The subject of Dreams is as different as is the person’s individuality who reads and muses on your work, Chinmay.

    Dreams I believe may be the testing ground for all Ideas. It may be the place that unexpressed desires find fertile soil in which to grow. It may be the expression of a feeling to try without dangers of being rejected or accepted prematurely!

    Dreams are all our hopes, wishes, fears, doubts, aspirations, highs and lows. Most of all dreams are the birth place of our Creativity. It is the dwelling place of our personal relationship with creation and our Creator.

    It is here that we express our closeness to a Force so perfect and complete that we know exists intuitively, but can only imagine within our limited scope, how truly great and magnificent It really is.

    Dreams don’t change with age, rather they deepen and flesh out as we mature. As for daydreaming, I highly recommend it. Daydreams are an escape which every individual needs to regenerate and recuperate. We need it to save us from the bombardment of our myriad of thoughts ! Simply, that my friend, is the Imagination’s timeout! ;D

  4. Just a little note Chinmay, to let you know that I enjoyed reading some of your philosophies and articles on this lovely site. It speaks of someone who is very creative
    and has a kind and caring heart. This definitely makes you think. ;)…

    1. Angle, i am really honored by your comment on my post. I am glad that you enjoyed my work. All the kind words and compliments mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading my little blog 🙂

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