In the MAD ‘MAD’ world

World is an interesting place to live. It is a place where smallest gestures turn the life around and a place where many things stand constant for centuries. It is full of absurdities and full of colors.

It is even more interesting when one lives in a country named India. Things are rather colorful here. More than a billion people live here in contrast conditions. This country is the place from where many art of living stemmed over the centuries. A philosophy of peace still is there in the air but at the same time vandalism still lingers around. It is a country where riches of tycoons bend a little bit and look at the hollows of poverty nonchalantly. The social fabric of this country has something like thousand layers. It is a rather awesome tapestry of harmony and discontent

Today, india is the place where the youth aspire, dream and do. A flabbergasting speed of life hardly allows one to breath. But even in the mad rush of life, some young souls pause for a moment as their heart cannot ignore the dark side of this revival.

There are many youth organizations in India that work for several causes. They try to empower a life. They do their best to illuminate what may ever be a night for many.

I have been fortunate enough to work with one such fabulous entity, ‘Make a Difference’. Make a difference works in many orphanages across the country and teach English to lesser-privileged kids. English has become the language of communication in this country and if you want excel then you got to be able to speak English.

Make A Difference, or MAD as we fondly call it, tries to ensure that every kid we teach does not miss the opportunity to meet glory in his/her life solely because of poor English.
However, I have to emphasize one thing that MAD is not only about teaching English, it is about spreading joy and sharing the merry fortune that MADSTERS have been blessed with. In MAD we make sure to have our kids always smiling as their smile is the return we crave for. MAD organizes different workshops and field trips to enable our kids to explorer themselves and the world around.

Volunteers of MAD or Madsters as we proudly call ourselves work in a system and try to improve our techniques at every juncture. Discipline of MAD is something that has helped it in growing so fast in such a little time of 5-6 years.

Personally speaking, MAD has been the most enriching experience of my life so far. One and half years of my stint with mad has already helped me in developing myself. We at mad belive in one simple thing, that every hour we teach makes us a better human being. Spending time with kids, learning from their lives and sharing our lives with them give us the rare opportunity of being human. Working with fabulous set of people is the cherry on the top. Every madster is gifted in his or her own way. And sharing hundred gifts with each other is a treat for life.

I can go on and on bragging about MAD, but I would rather stop to proudly say in the end that I am MAD.


7 thoughts on “In the MAD ‘MAD’ world”

  1. Chinmay ,My Dear Friend,
    the Madness you wrote about is the source of Humanity which your experience has given to you in Knowledge and now shared is Wisdom! The seeming complexity of Life is simply the process of learning through sharing what and who we are with those who care to want to know us.

    Life is the testing ground where the soul is constantly become aware of itself through it’s interaction with everyone and everything it comes in contact with. We are here to do two things and there are as follows.

    First we learn and grow throw seeking knowledge and attaining the truths which are revealed. This is a continuous process which remains for throughout the duration of this lifetime.

    Second we are here to share with those who ask and are themselves journeying along these same pathways either behind us or in front by age, discipline, choice and or design .

    The completion of both tasks determines the worthiness of one’s life and the value of the experience. Each will determine how we, ourselves have used the time that we have spent in the completion of our life’s journey!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with All of Us!

    1. Professor, i don’t think anybody could have said about the two purposes of living as simply and succinctly as you did. Those words were sheer beauty sir.

      I somewhat understood joy of learning and sharing after i started teaching. teaching opened up a totally new spectrum of persona to me which was simply unknown. This joy was never searched for, it was a natural feeling that sprang over.

      Thank you very much sir for sharing your vistas with us and in turn providing us the same 🙂

  2. Chin-Chin Man! This blog of yours is bringing out great aspects of your humane nature every single time you write. I seriously applaud you for what you have been doing for the welfare of this children all this while.

    I actually am of the belief that nothing feels better than spreading joy and helping others, I don’t do this stuff religiously but whenever I volunteer to do it, it feels good

    Great stuff bro, Loved it! 🙂

    1. Hey buddy, thank you so much for the nice words man. To be very honest am a very small part of MAD. But, whatever little i do, that is massive fun.

      I guess writing makes me look a much better person than i actually am. I think so. But the whole faction has one thing in common and that is we have our heart in the right place.

      1. Aah! Well said, I guess we ALL just clicked and clicked at the RIGHT TIME and at the RIGHT PLACE ya know.

        It was Destiny I guess and after that we were all goofy yet Kind and Friendly at the same time. Full Marks for having our heart at the right place! 🙂

      2. yeah, i cannot agree more. Things were destinies it seems. All of could have easily joined in different periods, but yet here we are !!!

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