lies and truth

When the lies is all I’ve got
and they scream so much…

where is the truth?
why is it hiding now?
when I need it so much…

Are lies the real truth
and there’s no lie as such?

What’s the truth?
where’s it hiding now
or there’s no truth as such?


4 thoughts on “lies and truth”

  1. Truth is a concept which means different things to those who seek it! Truth is Truth like Love is Love and Peace is Peace. Such concepts are best understood as absolutes. In this state however they are also the hardest to explain to another person.


    Because the word may conjurer up a state which may have a slightly differing meaning between the two discussing it.

    How can absolutes be anything but absolute you may ask?

    It is not the absoluteness that causes the problem but our perception of it in our own terms. The uniqueness of our thought processes is the real key to understand the why.

    Once we establish a universally accepted definition for the absolute then we can freely discuss Truth beyond the limits of the absolute written as “Truth is Truth!”

    1. Thank you sir for another gem.

      These concepts are surely subjective and will change from person to person. I don’t have any concrete opinion on truth/lie concept. but i guess as long as we are honest to ourselves and accept things, we remain true.

      Interestingly this poem has got interesting inception. I did not have any thought or question in mind. I was humming edge’s entrance theme, and this poem fits in the first stanza of the song. I did not write it first, i sang it and then wrote it LOL.

  2. Hey man another thought provoking post here, I am not much into it to comprehend it but I definitely enjoyed reading it dude!

    1. No worries mate, am superhappy that you enjoyed it. Actually am not into these concepts either. It is more of a song than a poem, read my response to professor’s comment LOL/

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