The World We Live In

We live in a world,
Where white is a lie and gray seems cleaner.
We live in a world,
Where bullet hits hard and faith hits harder.
But let it be…
Tell me, why should we bother?

This is our world,
Where gods wear a mask and make devil truer.
This is our world
Where screams are a routine and silence spreads terror.
But let it be…
Tell me, why should we bother?


6 thoughts on “The World We Live In”

  1. You are pretty damn awesome with this poetry as well big guy, this was great and had really good meaning. Bravo Monsieur

  2. I would be interested in knowing when this poem was created, Chinmay! The query so stated is predicated on the eternal “why” with an introspective voiced at whoever will be willing to hear it.

    I, now envision a teenager defying perceived authority, in his own way. There, alone in his room, expressing his quiet desperation in written form! The ever invasive news reports constantly battering the tenets, of his beliefs.

    Those frauds are attempting to extinguish the passion within his soul as it begins it’s journey toward its real self discovery! Perhaps I read too much here Sir! Only you can answer that, Chinmay You have the floor Now! I await your reply!!

    1. I guess you read everything sir, something that is not written here.

      It has always bugged me when people spread violence in the name of their god. May it be any religion, including my own.

      last year i saw a news on BBC, when they were covering children from Afghanistan. Those images were disturbing to say the least.

      My main grudge is that all of sort of violence that we have around the world is not only killing innocent but it is killing innocence in reality.

      I had no other medium to express the anguish other than my pain at that time. So, this poem came out.

      1. Experience is my teacher Chinmay! I’ve seen many such atrocities during my lifetime. Much have I learned about Man’s inhumanity to Man.

        The one constant that I have learned is that there is always the eternal hope. When the majority of the people start caring and realizing the futility of allowing these actions, such as war, to be
        fought indiscriminately,without regard for the consequences in the lost of human life!

        If we are to be considered as truly civilized then we must understand that what affects one region affects everyone!
        Thanks for sharing this with all of us! ;D

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