So Close… So Far…

It is a bustling café,
People are enjoying themselves…
Some are chatting
Some are simply relishing their coffee…

I but see a little boy
Through its glass window,
Totally hungry and equally naked,
He is enviously looking inside…

I am trying to understand
Difference between the two worlds
Distance between
That boy and us…
Distance between food and his hunger,
Distance between his street and some shelter…
Distance between his dreams and reality,
Distance between his eyes and a drop of glee…
It is surely of thousand miles,
It is damn too much…

But sometimes,
as it seems right now,
The distance of those thousand miles
Is as narrow as the glass window
Yet, it is damn too much…


10 thoughts on “So Close… So Far…”

  1. Aah! This was just another heart warming piece from you Chinmay! I am pretty sure that no one here until now would know that I am a person who actually has and still travels a lot and has visited many places!

    The situation you are presenting is something which I am really familiar with. I know that poverty does exist in MANY corners of the world and many people starve themselves, I feel you

    Actually I always do my bit whenever my school has such projects and all honestly When I start earning I will surely donate to many charities and schools which seek to provide education and food to such people

    People should know that at times they should get out of their world and look at countries wear in such problems are at an all time rise

    Yikes! I really came off preaching didn’t I? I apologize

    But great one nonetheless pal!!!

  2. Thank you deal. Am delighted to see another dimension of you. Thanks for checking in and for nice words as always.

    I live in a country where dire poverty is an ugly truth. I feel terrible for that and as and when possible i am going to my bit for sure.

  3. Welcome Chin and glad you could see another aspect of me! And I know the point you are trying to drive home and I appreciate you for having a heart enough to bring it out and not ignore it

    To quote from Professor “Kudos Chinmay Kudos” to you for doing that, speaks highly of ya for sure! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. indeed man. And btw ‘the faction’ has got has the heart in the right place. We all are same there my friend.

      And thanks for reiterating professor’s words.

  4. The recognition of inequalities and questioning why is the awakening of social conscience, Chinmay! The plight of the impoverished is too often ignored because it interferes with many peoples comfort zones.

    To empathize, in the way you have, shows an awakening of your awareness and maturity, my friend! The ability to be touched, to feel and to then question marks the individual as having potential to become active and make a real difference.

    Should you feel the need to do something, volunteer at a children’s rehabilitation center, an orphanage or join an organization that works with helping street children , Chinmay!

    Having done so, I can say from experience, it will challenge your views and change your whole perspective on living and on the value of Human Life!! ;D

    1. Thank you professor as always for your inputs.

      I have actually been working with an NGO ‘Make a Difference, India’ where we teach English at different orphanages on weekends. That has been most enriching experience of my life so far.

      Our kids have a very different world and spending time with them is a delight.

      Funnily enough, i got to share one thing here. My kids love WWE like crazy. They watch it every week. They all are tremendous fans of Cena. I wonder about the way he has connected with kids i teach, who can barely understand English. Hats off to that man. Unknowingly he has been a reason for happiness of some lesser privileged kids far across the Atlantic.

  5. Children can see things in a way that we, as adults, can’t, Chinmay! Language, that is the kind which is verbal or written, isn’t a concern of theirs. They read facial expressions , the mannerisms, and the charisma generated by the person they see before them!

    The term “first impression” is something we brush aside as we get older and jaded by the strictures of convention! Children, especially those, who still have their innocence intact, are impulsive and unencumbered, by such trivialities.

    Theirs, is the true acceptance and warmth which we, as adults, need to seek out and rediscover to truly become the real enlightened people we are meant to be!!

    Chinmay, Your heart is in the right place my friend and it shows!! Thanks for sharing!!! ;D

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