defying the distances

Friends they say is a treasure forever. A treasure, which you just want to use more and more rather than plainly sitting on it. We can come up with so many definitions to put this bond into words, but we will always fall short and shorter.

Countless crazy moments, warmth of a reassuring smile and pure delight of relentless laughter, ain’t these some veins of friendship? However, even those with innumerable more traits cannot capture the true essence. It is something that escapes words.

Many a times i think that is it about a feeling of being there and feeling the nature of co-existence. Again a new question pokes up its head. Really, is it mandatory to meet the person? Is it essential to spend hours together on lousy evenings and lazy afternoons?

If the answer is yes, then how do I describe a bond that transcends boundaries and defies the very limitations of physical co-existence?

Of course, I am referring to a friendship, which blossoms in the virtual world of the internet. Think if you want that I am crazy, but it is what it is. Such camaraderie defies all the narrow-minded notions that one may have.

It is absolutely true, these relations are often based on assumptions that may be a lie. However, I am one of those lucky rascals who got it right. I am one of those very fortunate people who met the right kind of people in this misleading jungle.

In general, right from the guys with whom I have shared my every evening for half a decade to my amazing MAD fellows, I have been blessed with the presence of wonderful people around me. They have made me the person I am. However, something happened to me that I had never dreamt of.

When i was just following my passion of WWE nonchalantly on Bleacher report, i met people, who within a moment became integral part of my joy and happiness. They own as many blissful moments of my life as anyone could.

Ever bustling Deal, gifted Jamal, Charming Ashley, and the very man himself Mike as known as the Professor these are the people who have made these times memorable. They are a blessing to say the least. I have shared my passion for WWE with them. But that is the smallest part of it. Those crazy conversations, goof-bomb comment threads, LMAO moments, professor’s wisdom and heartwarming presence made it what it has become. I can go on and on, but lesser I would say, more it will remain special.

Their presence has added more color to my day. After a rough event or disappointing moment at work, all I need is to log in and say hi to my buddies.

It is very special.  And that is why we are ‘The Faction’.

True, I have never seen them. Most probably, i will never meet them in real life either. But it hardly matters. I know they are present. I can sense their ‘being here’. They have made me the person I could be. The journey has begun, and it will continue for the rest of time. The colors have started spreading.

It was my first blog post. Therefore I thought, I will dedicate it to those who are angles in my life, always there but never seen.


18 thoughts on “defying the distances”

  1. Awwwww chin!!!! You almost made me cry!!! That was amazingly well written, sweet and kind! I feel the same way about you guys! I love our group. Thanks for sharing this. You brighten my day too 🙂

  2. I am indeed sorry I hadn’t gotten to see this earlier, my friend. The exquisiteness of introspection found within your words coupled with the simplicity of the site is fabulous. The soul is never fettered unless by the shackles of one’s own making. You have found a way to share with us the gift of Friendship, Chinmay! Because it was freely given it has return tenfold for each of us has found the others. Ours is the strength in numbers which has forged the connection that anchors us in turbulent times. The physical boundaries of geography, time and culture are mere annoyances to be endured! The differences of race, religious observances, age and sex are simply meaningless as we have chosen to dispense with such restrictive conventions! You reached out and found others willing to share your dreams! Those dreams spoke to ours and the connection now made , secures us in a common bond you called “The Faction”. My term for this is “Friendship” For You Chinmay Are MY FRIEND!!

    1. ‘ The physical boundaries of geography, time and culture are mere annoyances to be endured! The differences of race, religious observances, age and sex are simply meaningless as we have chosen to dispense with such restrictive conventions’

      No one can say it better than you Sir. That is the truth and i love this fact.

      Thank you very much for the warm reception of my first post. I am going to continue writing on many things here. I am going to explore few new things.

  3. Wow Chinmay Just Wow! Be Rest assured that I have read thousands of writers, millions of articles. Quite a few that have touched my heart, quite a rare amount of pieces that made me cry and this was a RARE in among the RARE’S man.

    Not only did this touch my heart but made my eyes have a wet film cover them. I just read this after I took some rest and my eyes were still asking me to close them and while reading this, they were flung wild open

    Love ya bro! This was just awesome and really made my day. One of the best I have read!

    PS- I see the word “bustling” in front of my name and saw that it came first! So I will brag about it all over to keep that image! LOL I kid I kid

    You officially have my Seal of Awesomeness dude!


  4. Thank you for sealing for my blog with your awesomeness. I am really damn happy that you liked my surprise so much. And honestly i felt that i should put it up as my first post here. Keep visiting to read my other work when you have some time 🙂

  5. Ya Think? LOL!

    Be rest assured dude, I will be visiting this thing on a regular basis for sure. Just trying to subscribe to your blog though. I am familiar with Blogger and now trying to Familiarize with WordPress but I will visit from time to time so I will keep track off all your work!!!

  6. When words are all we have to convey our thoughts, then they must be the bearers of all that we are! The replies you received from the others have gladden my heart for they mirror my own, Chinmay.

    Love is a word which means much, yet has been overused and indeed, misused by many. That is not the case here, Chinmay. Friendship is the reaching outside of one’s comfort zone and allow others to touch us, to become apart of our existence, and to become our extended family.

    You and the others are my adopted children. I see you all, as you begin to travel down the road I have already traversed. I can recognize the stages that you are facing and have knowledge with which to guide you around the hazards which lay in wait to those who wander in blindly.

    The journey is froth with pitfalls and real dangers but also the rewards are high for those who are careful to avoid those traps. There is a reason why we meet others when we do!

    The soul seeks out those of like persuasion and what we seek we shall find. The Universe provides each with those who can help them in their quest towards enlightenment! For you that is the “faction” at this time and stage, Chinmay!

    Although physically we may never meet, shake hands or embrace one another, we share a commonality of kindred spirits which transcends the limitations of physicality.
    Chinmay, You are Unique and I, for one, am honored to be included in your exclusive circle of friends! ;D

    1. What i can say after this comment, am overwhelmed after reading such a touching and so meaningful comment professor.

      What you said about nature of love is so much true! The definition has become narrower and narrower. I have to say that totally, we get the thing soul craves for. And, surely universe enriched me by taking me to you guys.

      Am speaking on behalf of everyone, that we are honored to be called your adopted children. There will never be a merrier fortune than having a guide like you to awaken and enlighten us. We might not be on the path as of now that you have been on. But to become a better human being, a better soul, we will always be on your path for sure and forever.

      1. I like your choice of phrase “I think, therefore I am” a Frenchman named Rene Descartes is credited with that bit of Wisdom! After many years upon the earth, I have another which you might enjoy, Chinmay Question: Does God exist? Answer:”God exists in the mind of Man, when Man realizes All is God!” Be at peace my friend for you knew the answer,before you saw the question! ;D

      2. I did not the exact creator of this phrase, so thanks a ton for the Info. i’ll just write is name under as the acknowledgement.

        And the second one is really a beautiful saying… It can’t be any truer 🙂

  7. OMG CHINMAY!!!! (Srry I couldn’t get to this earlier, Deal gave me the link)

    This was an amazing peice, thank you for this man. I was touched man. You guys are awesome and this peice did really get me to think about the bond we share, yet we haven’t actually met we’ve shared experiences with each other that will never be forgotten. All because of WWE too haha. Tbh I got a bit teary on the inside.

    This is true art man, a peice I’ve had the priveledge to read and to be mentioned in. Made my day Chinmay, made my day man 🙂

    Long Live the FactioN!!!!!

    1. No worries buddy, i know you have been busy cause of the school :)…

      And i am extremely glad that you liked it. It was something i had to write. Long live the faction 🙂

  8. Chinmay The question :”Does God Exist”, was thought about and pondered on by a myriad of philosophers, both known and unknown. The answer ”God exists in the mind of Man, when Man realizes All is God!” is one which is came to me as I thought about it!

    I am it’s author for it is found no other place on the web except here, Chinmay. I shared it with you, for in doing so, I experienced the accompanying thought “Be at peace my friend for you knew the answer, before you saw the question!” A thought which we both understood in the philosophical and spiritual senses!

    This is my gift to you, my adopted son ! I am humbled by your acknowledgment of my role as a mentor. You honored us both, by your willingness to share freely with others, through this blog, your dreams, thoughts and aspirations. ;D

    1. Sir, the real privilege of this blog has become the way you share your exquisite thoughts. And your role in my and other’s life is exactly what you have stated.

      Sir, i am totally with you in your opinion here. It is privilege that you shared it. Such a realization does help in being at peace with self.

      Funnily, i guess i could share it here. I had written a poem sometime back in my national language ‘Hindi’, which had similar meaning as the thought you have so beautifully shared above.

      The poem was a about a person who is seeking god.

      He just implores god, ”at least once give me a chance to see or feel you, as without you my life is incomplete. I have tried every road and turned every stone, but my endeavor is still futile”. Then in the end he recalls what one sage had told him.

      The sage says, “there is no use of wandering here and there or visiting every temple. There is only one way to attain him. The way, which is as difficult, as it is closer. Just close your eyes, and climb down into your heart till you find your conscience. my child god resides right there”.

      I had no other intention while writing this other than doing something different than what i had tried before.

      1. The search for the Creator, Whom we call God is really a need to justify our purpose for being, Chinmay. The need to identify helps us define ourselves and make our claims on our identity valid!

        With all naming, we establish our links to all we see and it is our way of possessing them as ours. The conflicts arise from the stubborn notion that Only One name is the Right One to use.

        That foolishness is ours, for demanding that this is how the Creator should be known. Such silliness has caused All the Religious Animosities at best and Wars at worst.

        Why does an All Knowing God Let it happen You may ask?
        If God Is All, then God will not take any sides!

        We, Not God, Must learn the lessons, find the answers and gain the Wisdom Necessary to answer the questions asked!

        GOD, The Almighty, Creator, The Force, Allah, Krishna, IAM, Jehovah, Yahweh or Heavenly Father, it matters not which, for the Creator Knows that the Name used isn’t important!

        GOD IS GOD ! We need only to be aware That GOD Does Exist and what role we will play in this existence, my friend!

        This is what I have Learn to be True! That is Real Wisdom ! ;D

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